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  • Project Codename: Rogue Loop 1

    I recently found the Rogue Engine which is like a Unity3D editor but for ThreeJS games. It's awesome! But a little early, so I'm still doing a lot of coding by hand. My favorite!

    I wanted to recreate my spaceloop1 project but using 3d assets from Kenney, and this seems like the perfect way to do that.

    Screenshot from 2021-12-01 08-58-35.png

    So far I've been able to easily load some gltf assets, add the CannonPhysics properties to them, and even make a nice HTML-based UI.

    Screenshot from 2021-12-01 08-58-59.png

    It's pretty powerful; I can click into an object and adjust it's properties on the fly.

    Screenshot from 2021-12-01 08-59-19.png

    It's still super early gameplay-wise, but I can easily see the potential here.

    Once I finish out the UI, I'll work on attaching it to my bubble-socket service to enable multiplayer. Being able to fly around and bump into other players is my MVP!

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  • The Forums are Live

    After some deliberation, I settled on a forum as a place to share information about my projects. Let me know if you have any issues or feature requests and I'll be happy to address them.

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